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Student Spotlight: UW-Madison athletes give back on Juneteenth Day

_MG_2702James Adeyanju wasn’t practicing football on Saturday, but he was working hard and having fun. The UW-Madison athlete took the day to volunteer in the community with Ray Ball and Angela Boushea, two other UW-Madison athletes, at the Juneteenth Day celebration in Penn Park.

Adeyanju and Ball are both members of the UW-Madison football team and spent the day playing basketball with kids from the neighborhood.

“It’s going good. As you can see I’m a little sweaty right now,” Adeyanju says. “We’re just trying to interact with the kids and have a good time and have fun, you know.”

Ball is also glad to be able to participate in the event, and loves working with children.

“Giving back to the community, that’s one thing that I love doing, especially as a human development and family studies major – working with kids,” Ball says. “I just enjoy playing a little basketball with the guys, breaking a little sweat.”

_MG_2719Boushea, originally from a small town outside of Madison, is part of the track and field team today and loves being at UW-Madison.

“It’s probably the best university in the whole world. I love it there. It’s beautiful – great students, great atmosphere,” Boushea says.

Despite her busy schedule, Boushea is glad to spend the day at Penn Park and enjoys participating in the community events around town.

“It’s difficult, but that’s what being a student athlete is all about,” Boushea says. “I’m kind of from near here, so it’s kind of nice to see the community all get together on a beautiful day.”

Ball is glad to see the successful turnout for the festival, and enjoys the community that Madison has to offer.

“If it wasn’t for the people, there wouldn’t be an event like this,” Ball says. “It makes me happy every day whenever I know that I have a community service event. I just wake up with a smile on my face.”

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