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Moving Forward. Looking Back.

History is constantly being captured. At UW-Madison the campus is ever-changing, and yet certain aspects remain timeless. Each week, with the help of the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections I’m using photography to take a look at the campus then and now.

IngrahamAre saddle shoes making a comeback? Fashion might have changed, but the mural in Ingraham Hall hasn’t (Circa 1955-’65).

We’re evolving, and this photo essay is one way to show it. If you have an idea for a photo, or if you see an image in the digital collections that inspires you, share it! Email KaitandtheBadger@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to bring your submissions to life!

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4 thoughts on “Moving Forward. Looking Back.

  1. Mikaela W on said:

    Hey, it would be great to put the year the photo was taken. Love what you have done so far!

  2. Meg Hamel on said:

    The mural in Ingraham Hall (as well as artworks in Social Science, Memoral Library, and the exterior of Vilas Hall) was created by my grandfather, James Watrous. Jim was a professor of Art History at the University, and also painted the Paul Bunyan murals in the Memorial Union. Like his children and grandchildren, one of his nieces is now a student at UW-Madison (a freshman this year). Thanks for posting this photo! — Meg Hamel, BA’87 and currently working at the College of Letters and Science.

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