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Moving Forward. Looking Back. (Final Edition!)

When I started this project last year, I had no idea how foundational it would be to my time at UW-Madison. Each week, I discover a new building, a new mural or something hidden in the archives that tells our campus’s story. As a transfer student living off-campus, I sometimes feel like I’ve floated through my years here, but this project has given me the opportunity to engage with our community in such a perfect way.

I’m a journalist, which means that above all, I’m insanely curious about everything. The “Moving Forward. Looking Back” project has let me answer so many questions about who we are as Badgers. I’ve talked with librarians, geologists, artists and psychologists. I’ve explored the most high-traffic buildings and gotten lost in tiny alcoves hidden away on campus. If you’re around for another year or two, I encourage you to do the same! I’ve never had the time to join a club, and it’s been a challenge making a place for myself here, but just exploring campus gave me a sense of belonging.


This last photo in the series shows a snapshot of the exterior of Memorial Library in 1962. The flower beds have changed, but despite all the construction, Library Mall remains a hub for anyone on campus.

We’re evolving, and this photo essay was one way to show it. All my gratitude goes out to the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections and their amazing staff, who made this project possible. Thanks again, for taking a look!

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4 thoughts on “Moving Forward. Looking Back. (Final Edition!)

  1. Scott on said:

    Thanks Kait. I have so enjoyed your postings.

  2. Ann Drivas on said:

    These photos would make a great book! Or at the very least, an amazing ppt/slide show to air at Founders Day programs. . . .

    • Thanks! I’ve been contacted for prints but aside from my hard drive, I’m not sure where they’ll end up as a complete collection.

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